Abercrombie Summer Staples


Abercrombie Summer Staples - Weekly Weakness - Poor Little It Girl

One week till summer, whoohoo! Although, if you live in the south, we’ve been having summertime weather for a couple months now. So hot. So sweaty. I LOVE IT! I feel like down here, you get two seasons: fall and summer. And I’m 100% OK with that. Being from Florida, I always prefer to the heat to the cold so bring it on Georgia!

Weekly Weakness Wednesday is back again (my favorite) and this week I’m super pumped to once again share some favorites at Abercrombie. I won’t go on and on again on why you need to give this shop another chance, because by this point y’all should know. Currently, my Abercrombie summer staples that I’ve shared today include swimsuits, sundresses, stripes, sandals and more. So go ahead, check out the slideshow by clicking the gray box below. Be sure to let me know what pieces are your favorite. And yes, no worries. Everything featured here today is under $100! Heck, most are under $50 – happy shopping!

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