All I Ever Wanted, All I Ever Wanted Was A Simple Way To Get Over You…


Asos, $21.52

Not to toot my own horn (but toot! toot) I always find that when it comes to trends, I’m usually the first one out of my friends to embrace a new style, and the first one to say “Yeah, that’s not really cool anymore.”  So it really makes me angry at myself when I go on and on about how one fashion style is not cool anymore yet my heart still yearns to wear it, and I still do on the down low.

For example, I still think my nerdy glasses are so chic (even thought Justin Timberlake and Kanye West make them totally lame).  My harem pants may make any girl look like she has droopy drawers, but when worn with killers heels and a boyfriend tank I cant help but feel like I rule the catwalk of the local mall when wearing them! Also included on my list are scrunchies, fedoras, gladiator sandals, overalls, and super padded push up bras. Now I admit I’m totally a hypocrite by going against my fashion beliefs, but I don’t care! It’s always kind of fun to break your own fashion rules!

Urban Outfitters, $12

Naughty Monkey, $51.99

Forever 21, $27.80

Victoria’s Secret, $48

Old Navy, $14.94

Forever 21, $17.80


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