All My Walls Stood Tall Painted Blue And I’ll Take Them Down, Take Them Down And Open Up The Door For You…


Last night I was browsing online at a few of my favorite stores, casually putting things into my shopping bag without any real intention of purchasing – hello, I’m poor! It wasn’t till I was finished with my little adventure that I realized a good 75% of items I wanted to purchase were blue! I know, I keep going on and on about how my favorite color is green, but damn if I am not totally addicted to good old blue. Here are a few items that I put in my cyber-shopping bags and a couple extras I found along the way I just couldn’t resist.

Poor Little It Girl - The Best Of The Color Blue!Poor Little It Girl - The Best Of The Color Blue!

Poor Little It Girl - The Best Of The Color Blue!

1. J.Crew, $29.99 | 2. Pim + Larkin, $32 | 3. Forever 21, $1.80
4. Topshop, $76 |  5. Madewell, $84.99 |  6. J.Crew, $45
7. Topshop, $30 | 8. Warehouse, $46 | 9. Target, $19.99
10. American Eagle, $23.99 |  11. Kate Spade, $34.99 | 12. Topshop, $100

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  1. Nina

    I do the same thing and then realize I’ve put 4 different kinds of boyfriend jeans in shopping carts across the internets…. crazy!

    Love your picks though!
    xo, Nina

  2. Hermy

    I have come to the realization that I shop for colors that look best on me & it just so happens to be a 2 color rotation of hot pink and blue (such shame). I love these pics and would love to see that Topshop skirt styled by you.

    The Style Enigma

  3. Julia

    That TopShop skirt is perfect. I’m imagining nude heels and a white button-up for work, then a tank and pops of citrus for evening. Here’s wishing it was more like $50! (Or less… Is it just me, or is this feeling like a thrifty weekend?)

    Did you end up buying any of these new blue wardrobe additions?