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How To Be A Better Blogger – Staying Sane and Organized

I’ve been blogging for over five years, and now that Poor Little It Girl has become my full-time job, staying organized is the only way to survive. Maintaining a schedule, planning content and keeping things in order can feel a bit overwhelming, but there are some simple tips I’ve implemented over the years (and a few things that I could still work on!) that help me stay on track.

Poor Little It Girl - How To Be A Better Blogger - @poorlilitgirl

Blog Posts

Come hell or high water, I always post 5 days a week. I’ve mentioned this in a few other posts I’ve done for my “How To Be A Better Blogger” series, and now that my readers have come to expect 5 posts a week, I don’t want to disappoint. Sometimes I have posts scheduled a few weeks in advance, sometimes I’m scrambling at midnight to finish a post for the next day. When I was working full-time, I was hard to get things done so far in advance, so believe me, I understand the struggle! What I’ve done to help me stay organized with my posts is by keeping a schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays: Outfit or Beauty posts; Wednesdays: Weekly Weakness; and Fridays: Shopping Collages. If I have a lot I know I want to feature in one month, be it sponsored posts or whatever, I also make it all down in my iCal so I know I don’t miss anything important. Knowing what I’m going to post on what days consistently makes planning posts out a LOT easier, plus my readers have come to expect and look forward to what’s coming up next…because let’s face it, we all like routine. So whatever your schedule may be, find one and stick to it! You and your readers will thank you.

Profits and Expenses

If there is one thing I hate about being a business owner, it has to be taxes. So if your blog is bringing in steady income (congrats!), there’s a few things you need to stay on top of: 1) Organize your expenses. I opened a business bank account a couple years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. It helps keep my business and personal money separate, and makes organizing it all come tax time a hell of a lot easier. Plus it holds you more accountable for how much money you’re spending for business and how much for pleasure. 2) Keep EVERY receipt. Any time I use my business card, I write on the receipt what I did, track it in an excel document, and file it away in a folder I have for “2015 expenses”. No it’s not the most grand of organizational systems, but it’s better than nothing. My first year my blog made money I didn’t even realize I was supposed to be tracking all this stuff, and when tax time came around, well…it was a disaster and I cried a lot. Now, simple steps like this make a HUGE difference in my mental sanity come April. 3) Spend Money! I know, it’s strange to say that, but you really need to invest some of the money you make back into your business. These investments are tax write-offs and show Uncle Sam you’re growing. And no, this doesn’t mean purchasing a new pair of jeans to wear on the blog (clothing is NOT a blog expense, FYI.), but purchasing a new camera for outfit photos or having a lunch meeting with a brand rep for a future partnership – those are what you need to be spending your money on. So while this last tip doesn’t really fall under that “stay organized” umbrella, it’s still super important and hey, don’t forget to track those receipts!

Maintain Balance

You hear bloggers all over say that blogging is a 24 hour job, and it’s true. Between photo shoots and posting and social media and event appearances, it seems like sometimes you can never turn it off. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, you HAVE to turn it off sometimes (yes, that means Snapchat too). Schedule Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts in advance, so that way you can put the phone/computer away for the night, and enjoy the night either alone or with your friends. There were times where me and Adam would come home form work and have our heads in our laptops for hours before we went to bed. Clearly, that’s not the recipe for a healthy relationship. So we both make a big effort now (with much success) to allow some nights for working late, and then some nights are solely for making dinner, and spending time on the couch together watching Family Feud or Shark Tank, no technology allowed. By turning things off you’re able to feel more alert, and sane, when you “turn it back on” in the morning, thus allowing you to stay more organized and focused when it really counts.

Drugstore Roundup – Top 3 Products from CoverGirl

Poor Little It Girl - Top 3 Products From CoverGirl - @poorlilitgirl
Black Lace Top (last seen here)

You all know I’m a big advocate for drugstore beauty brands. While I enjoy a department store splurge here and there, majority of my makeup routine is made up of products I purchase while I’m waiting for a prescription refill. So I’ve decided to start a new series here in October, where I showcase my three favorite drugstore makeup brands, and the 3 products I can’t live without. To kick things off, I’m talking about CoverGirl! I have very sensitive skin, so an oil free foundation is a must-have, and this “Ready Set Gorgeous” is something I’ve been wearing for almost a year now. Next up is their “The Super Sizer” mascara that blows any fancy beauty brands mascara out of the water…it’s SO good. I even wore it here without any eyeliner/help of a lash curler so you can see just how amazing it is. Lastly, you know I can’t resist a pretty lip, and a subtle shade like this Colorlicious “Craving Cranberries” gloss gives the perfect amount of shine and color, ideal for everyday wear. So tell me, what are your favorite drugstore beauty products? They may just be featured next!

Poor Little It Girl - Top 3 Products From CoverGirl - @poorlilitgirl

Poor Little It Girl - Top 3 Products From CoverGirl - @poorlilitgirl

CoverGirl Colorlicious “Craving Cranberries” Gloss

Poor Little It Girl - Top 3 Products From CoverGirl - @poorlilitgirl

CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation

Poor Little It Girl - Top 3 Products From CoverGirl - @poorlilitgirl

Poor Little It Girl - Top 3 Products From CoverGirl - @poorlilitgirl

CoverGirl The Super Sizer Mascara

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