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You Paint Me A Blue Sky And Go Back And Turn It To Rain, And I Lived In Your Chess Game But You Changed The Rules…

So it’s been about a week since I went full on platinum with my hair and while some people have been vocal about how much they dislike it (thanks, Twitter!), I really do love it. With that, I’m also realizing that my wardrobe has had to shift in regards to what colors I can and can not wear now that my hair is so blonde/white. Pretty pastel shades like lavender look great, however orange is now a big no. I feel like black and grays tend to now wash me out, so I’ve been all about the blues lately. (Yes, I bought this blue dress and LOVE it and will totally be wearing it on the blog next week!) I know I just did a color post on green (shout out to all my fellow green-loverss!), but I’m all about blue this week so I figured what the hell, here we go again!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five
Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten
Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen
Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen

More Blue to Love This Season:


{Post Title: “Dear John” by Taylor Swift}

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There’s so many ways to shop your favorite bloggers latest looks. You can do it the old fashioned way and head right to their site, you can sign up for affiliate programs and shop them via Instagram, or you can use FashionStash! If there’s one thing I learned as a blogger, it’s that not every reader is the same, so you have to make sure you’re catering to each of them in different ways. For those who don’t browse blogs daily and hate the Instagram shopping programs, I’ve found FashionStash really is the easiest route to go. Simply download the app, search for your favorite bloggers (I’m at poorlittleitgirl) and then you can either scroll up and down, which will show you all the images from that particular bloggers look, or swipe left to right to see different bloggers looks. Below each picture are little icons where you can favorite, share, comment or best yet: SHOP! As a blogger that doesn’t really read other blogs on a daily basis, FashionStash has become the easiest way for me to browse my favorite sites looks on the go!

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