So We’ll Turn On A Bachelorette, Dye Ashley’s Hair Red…


What To Pack For A Bachelorette Party In Miami - Poor Little It Girl

Today, I’m boarding the first plane out of Atlanta (seriously, we’re on the earliest flight ever I’m pretty sure) and heading to M-I-A-M-I! My girlfriend is having her bachelorette party down in South Beach and I’m super pumped. Sure being in the warmer weather will be nice, but we all know what these weekends are really about. It’s all about being back together with old friends for a fun twisted weekend. For something that’s been in the works basically since the day after she got engaged last spring, this is a BIG deal!

So what am I packing? I’m determined to keep all my crap in my carry on (and large weekend bag) for the entire 4 days. I’m not a great packer, so this is sure to be difficult. But, I’ve already started the process (I’m working on this post a few days before I leave) and so far, so good! Here are a few things I’m bringing with me on my trip. We have plans to go out on a boat, head to a club (Umm…I’m 31, what do kids wear to clubs these days? Hoping my crop top and skirt does the trick! woof.) and enjoy lots of laughs at brunch.

Other essentials for the trip include waterproof eyeliner, a straw hat (y’all know it’s my favorite accessory!) and my new pink shades. Here’s to hoping the weather cooperates (currently not looking so great) but that’s ok. I’m still going to get my spray tan pre-trip and just imagine 85 and sunny!

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  1. jessica

    Have fun!! PS I put on my cat eye yesterday and the wind caused my eye to tear and yup, eyeliner ALL over my face. Officially investing in a waterproof version. Trying the Stila one now!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  2. Rachel

    I’ve been thinking about getting the Lo and Sons Catalina Deluxe bag, but that one from Sole Society is so much cuter and cheaper, too! Have a great time in Miami!