She Packed My Bags Last Night, Pre-Flight Zero Hour Nine AM…


Bring On The Bags - Under $100 - Poor Little It Girl

The other day I went the mall and found myself in Madewell. I spotted this stunning bag and seriously, I couldn’t stop staring/touching/holding it. She’s a beauty! But alas, I put her down and left because well…I’m poor. Well, more like I’m trying to save money in 2017 and splurging on a bag that I want more than need isn’t going to help me pay for my wedding. So yeah, we parted ways and that was that.

As I came home and went through my own bag collection I was like, damn! Should have brought home that bag! While I love my favorite black and brown bags, they’re just that – black and brown. Neutral accessories are of course essential, but where’s the fun?! I wear the same bags on rotation year round, with little change. Why do I never think of my bag as the focal point of my look, rather then just the thing I’m forced to lug around to carry all my crap?

So today I wanted to share a roundup of some of my most favorite bags I’ve spotted online lately, all under $100! That’s right – every tote, satchel, clutch and crossbody seen here is under the hundo mark so you don’t have to feel guilty for shopping them either! So tell me, which one(s) are your favorite!?

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