The Blog Societies – The Launch!


Poor Little It Girl - The Blog Societies - @poorlilitgirl

The Blog Societies is HERE! As many of you know, myself and Jessica (of My Style Vita) are the co-founders of the largest blogger networking community in the south, Southern Blog Society. Well, after three years and a small expansion to the southwest, we decided to go for it and make it a nation wide community. That’s right, I invite you all to check out the newly launched – The Blog Societies (check it out here). While there are still individual regions, we are now under one umbrella website, we now are able to reach all corners of the United States and offer then networking, brand building and a sense of community among fellow digital publishers. This labor of love is a scary, but exciting, endeavor, and I’m so happy we are taking our business and making it even bigger and better. So if you haven’t already, go ahead and check out The Blog Societies and of course, JOIN! If you have any questions about TBS and what we do, we encourage you to tour the site and feel free to email us at Don’t forget, in addition to bloggers we also accept members who are photographers, lawyers and web designers too!

Poor Little It Girl - The Blog Societies - @poorlilitgirl

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