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Weekly Weakness – Pinrose Fragrances

I’ll be honest, I’ve only recently become a fan of fragrances. Don’t get me wrong, back in middle school I rocked some serious Bath & Both Works Sun Ripened Raspberry, but now that I’m well into my adulthood, I’m searching for that perfect scent which can finish off my look. So when Pinrose (based out of San Francisco) asked me to test out their website and products, I was 100% on board. Basically their website is an interactive way where, by answering a few quiz questions, they determine your sensory preferences. Then you can order the most adorable little ‘”petal packs” with a personalized selection of scents for you to test and once you find your new favorite scent, you can purchase full priced bottles (tell Santa!) of your favorites. Oh did, I mention this is all also super affordable? So if you’re looking for that special gift to give or get this season, it doesn’t get more personal, or smell any better, than Pinrose. Go head…take the quiz!

Poor Little It Girl - Weekly Weakness - Pinrose Fragrance

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Weekly Weakness – GAP Holiday Stripe Sweater

Back in college, I worked at GAP at the local mall in Tallahassee. It was a fun job where I made good friends, and it’s actually where me and my boyfriend met. (Oh how time flies!) So when I saw that GAP brought back it’s holiday stripe print this season that I remembered from 10+ years ago, I instantly got all warm and fuzzy (pun intended) as I remembered those great times back in the day and, yes, wearing these same stripes! I had the scarf, hat and gloved combo back then, but this time around, it’s the sweater that I really want. A nostalgic print that brings me back to a great time in college..thanks GAP!

Gap Holiday Stripe Sweater

Weekly Weakness - GAP Holiday Stripe Sweater

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