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Weekly Weakness – Gap Midi Sweater Dress

What are the two things I love most this season? A great midi hemline and a cozy knit. So when both of those things are combined into one, well you know I’m totally on board! This navy ribbed sweater dress from Gap is basically my idea of winter fashion perfection. It’s easy to wear, you can style it a ton of different ways, and it’s super affordable. I’ll take this (and everything else I listed below) please!

Gap Ribbed Midi Sweater Dress

Poor Little It Girl - Gap Ribbed Sweater Dress

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Weekly Weakness – J.CREW Striped Painter Tee With Zips

In an attempt to keep my closet under control (and make a few extra bucks) I’m a big fan of selling old favorites at my local consignment shop. Sometimes you just fall out of love with something and, well, I’m certainly not one for holding on to things that take up valuable hanger space. After my recent purge, I realized that I ended up parting with a lot of my basic tops. Sure, I didn’t really wear them, but it guess it was nice knowing they were there. So with that, it’s time to re-stock! I spotted this classic striped top with fun zipper detailing on J.Crew and not only do I love the classic print (I never met a stripe I didn’t love), but the price is so affordable you can totally “splurge” on the monogram you can have added to it as well! I’ll take one of each, please!

J.CREW Striped Painter Tee With Zips

Poor Little It Girl - JCrew Striped Painter Tee With Zips

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