Cream Of The Crop…


Asos, $43.10

It’s the New Year – we’ve stopped indulging in the holiday treats and are committed to hitting the gym with our new membership plans (to get super skinny and make our ex boyfriends jealous)….right? Ok, maybe not.

What we all need is some motivation to lose those annoying holiday lb‘s (they are just as stubborn as those Freshman 15 were huh?) so what better to drive us than a trend that requires a little sneak peak of your tummy prior to bathing suit season – a whole separate cry fest in itself!

Now, to be clear, I’m not talking about B.Spears and her “Hit Me Baby One More Time” or Selena in her “She’s out there in her bra!” crop tops. Right now all the fashion rage is on tops that are loose fitting and graze the top of your shorts, pants, or skirts. Even on the skinniest of girls, too much skin is always trashy. (note: be sexy, not slutty)

Picking a perfect crop top is easy as long as you know what to look for. Stay away from tight fitting fabrics and go for flowing pieces that don’t cling to the body. The hem of the top should come to your belly button to achieve the best crop look. For your bottom half, choose items that have a mid to high waistline and aren’t snug-fitting either so you don’t look top heavy. If you’re still feeling a bit funky about displaying your Playboy Bunny belly ring (we all had one, don’t lie) you can always put a simple cami underneath to cover your midriff, but I promise that the look is much more chic when worn without the extra layer, or that belly ring.

Crop Sweater with Chino Shorts

Why it works: Probably the easiest way to ease into the crop top look. This sweater is a longer -crop version and the chino shorts have some length to cover a bit more skin. I love the contrast of the neutral toned hippie-ish oversized style of the sweater and the bold orange of the shorts. Perfection!

Topshop, $100

J.Crew, $45

Vintage Top with Wide Leg Trousers

Why it works: This is my favorite of the crop top looks! This vintage inspired blouse has the perfect shape to be loose on the body yet still keep your feeling super feminine. The trousers (that I legit am DYING over) with the wrap belt make this outfit city chic. Pair it with a strappy heel and a bright clutch and you’re set in the sexiest of outfits!

Modcloth, $39.99

Miss Selfridge, $54

Sweatshirt Crop with Whimsical Skirt

Why it works: I’m totally feeling the juxtaposition of the sweatshirt crop top with the flirty chiffon skirt. The thin band at the top of the skirt should come right to the natural waistline and the top should rest right where the skirt begins. Don’t get too fussy with this one – flip flops, a ponytail and your everyday bag are all you need to rock this style effortlessly.

Vive Vena, $70

Madewell, $98

Will your crop top be the milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard this season? Let me know how you feel about the short shirt hemline today at the Poor Little IT Girl Facebook page!

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  1. destiny

    destiny disagrees with 90% of this post. more is more!!!!!!! PS_loving the pants and wrap belt too!!

  2. ray

    Sexy not slutty!! Yah! Love this post but don’t hate on Selena. Girlfriend worked those bustiquelas!

  3. Amy

    Hi PLIG! I was wondering, I am on an endless search for the short displayed in the first pic, that style, or acid washed..the total high-waisted-but-not-90s-daisy-duke-style shorts, but I have had NO LUCK. Do you have any ideas where to find them (and not for a trillion dollars)?

    Thanks! xoxo