Boys Boys Boys With Hairspray And Denim, And Boys Boys Boys We Love Them…


Sure we wear denim year round, but in the fall is when it really shines! I mean, who doesn’t have a great jean jacket or a pair of worn in boyfriends that they just love to break out the second the temperates drop. And considering I didn’t really work on my tan this summer, my pale skin is appreciative to be covered up a bit more. But besides jeans and jackets,  you can also find great denim accessories to rock too! From the current hottest trend, chokers, to a denim sandals – there’s so many fun favorites to pick from! Take a peek at a few of my favorites below, click on the product directly in the collage, and get to shopping!



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  1. Alyssa

    Oh my gosh! I used to have a pair of embellished jeans and I remember I was even more jealous of the amazing ones my mom had. Those are so fun!