Starin’ At Dresses And Pickin’ Out Rings. Oh She Tells Her Friends I’m Perfect And That I Love That Cat…


There are few things I love more than a great dress and sandal combination. For spring, this is all I live in. Whether it’s a maxi dress and wedges or a midi with block heels – there’s no better uniform to have for the warmer weather. As a firm believer that one can never own too many dress (I just stopped mid-writing this post to see how many I own. I currently have 29 hanging in  my closet!), of course you can always add a few more to your collection at just about any time! And sandals, come on…what woman has ever said she’s owned too many fabulous shoes! So if you’re a dress and sandal lover like myself, then you’re going to go crazy for these great pieces I found while browsing online last week. Make sure you let me know which pieces are your favorite in the comments below. Happy shopping and enjoy your weekend!




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    1. Poor Little It Girl

      I just ordered the shoes and they should be arriving soon, they’re SO PRETTY! xoxo Cathy