Friday Night I’m Going Nowhere
 All The Lights Are Changing Green To Red…


{Green with envy…}

While other girls swoon over pink and pretty blues, I’m proud to say my color rebellion has led me to a great obsession with green. It’s unexpected, bold, and honestly…everyone looks good in a pretty shade of olive or jade. Instead of only rocking green on St. Patrick’s Day (my Urban Outfitters jeans were a huge hit, btw) try incorporating it into your regular springtime wardrobe. So go ahead, give green a go this season!

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(Post Title: “Babylon” by David Gray)

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  1. Olivia

    omg those green jeans and the last pair of shoes!! I am obsessed! I’ve really been wanting a pair of green denim! i’m also all about the more “unexpected” colors.. I recently purchased a pair of burnt orange jeans from Old Navy and they have been a frequent go-to in my wardrobe. Great post!

    xx Olivia

  2. Ann Clare

    Your blog is amazing, have been following it for more than a year now! Do you happen to know where the wedges (picture 6) come from?