Gap Holiday Shop Favorites


Gap Holiday Shop Favorites - Poor Little It Girl

If there’s one season that Gap does well, it’s the holidays. They carry the best pieces this time of year, I swear. And maybe I’m biased. I worked at the Gap in college for three years (it’s where Adam and I met, actually) so I’ve always had a soft spot for this iconic brand. I still remember how much fun I used to have working there in Tallahassee. Well, that was till I realized how much I hate working in retail and dealing with customers. But they’re fond memories nonetheless.

The Gap Holiday Party Shop is definitely where I’d start first on their site. (I mean, after you go through the slideshow link below, duh!) From party pieces to cozy knits to amazing accessories – they’ve got it all. Best part, it’s always affordable and nothing listed here today will break the bank. Plus, Gap is always running awesome sales this time of year so you’re bound to get a good deal no matter what. So hurry up, shop till you drop! The holidays are officially here!

There’s only 11 days till Christmas! So make sure you also check out my Gift Guides and start shopping! Want to make sure all those gifts arrive in enough time!

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