Got The Radio On, My Old Blue Jeans, And I’m Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve…


This past weekend I went back to the motherland (i.e Tallahassee) to watch some football and see old friends. While the game was disappointing, catching up on what the “kids” are wearing these days was very eye opening. The Chi O house visit showed me more cute sundresses than I could possibly process, but it was the highwasit cut-off denim shorts while tailgating (for umm..17 hours. Not kidding) that really caught my attention! It’s all these college girls wear! Maybe I missed the boat on that trend (I’m not 19 anymore and I’d look like an idiot in those I’m sure), but I do embrace the power of denim! And since there’s a slight chill in the air finally, wearing my jeans has become a necessity. There are 4 jean styles that are Must Haves for fall: baggy boyfriend’s that you can wear with heels or flats, the basic dark wash skinny jean that goes with literally everything in your closet, the bold colored jean (I love these pink ones and would wear an oversized navy sweater with it!), and the retro bell bottom that is so chic for a night out on the town! So ladies, time to put away those cut offs…we’re officially into the new season!

1. Asos Boyfriend Jeans, $64.03
2. J.Crew Matchstick Jeans, $98
3. Gap 1969 Bright Watermelon Legging Jeans, $69.95
4. Zara Bell Bottom Jeans, $79.90

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