Get Me With Those Green Eyes Baby As The Lights Go Down Gimme Something That’ll Haunt Me When You’re Not Around…


Sometimes I feel green gets a bad rap. I mean, besides me…you hardly hear anyone say it’s their favorite color. Pink and blue always seem to shine through in that category. Well, I’m here to say I love green, no matter the season or what it’s on! But, since fall is approaching, I feel pretty shades of emerald, hunter and olive are almost everywhere you turn lately! Sure camo is where you see most do green, but I’ve found a few pretty pieces I’d love to add to my closet this season. Enjoy!

One | Two | Three | Four
Five | Six | Seven | Eight
Nine | Ten | Eleven

More Green To Envy This Season:


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  1. Alyssa

    I have to admit. I used to despise the color green. But I’m coming around! I think I like it more and more as time goes on. Great picks!

    1. Poor Little It Girl

      I’ve just always loved it…it’s just so different and fun! xoxo Cathy

  2. Morgan

    Green is and always has been my favorite color! My first car was a green VW beetle haha .. I agree though that it gets a bad rap. But so excited that olive is looking like the hot color for fall!

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