Heart On My Sleeve…


Asos, $51.72

After doing another round of spring cleaning in my closet (now 4 more trash bags of clothes are being “donated” to my little sister), it became very obvious that I own a lot of dresses – specifically strapless and sleeveless styles. So while trying to find something to wear to a work meeting that was both classy (i.e. not showing too much skin) and that still kept me cool (it’s almost 100 degrees down south) I found myself in a bit of a bind. Sure, I could take one of my strapless/sleeveless dresses and put a cardigan over it…but why? It’s HOT!

Who would have thought the solution would be so simple – invest in more dresses with arm coverage! Ta da! A cute dress with sleeves 1) is still considered a sundress, meaning boys will still think you look bangin’ in it and 2) can be worn with heels for work and flip flops for brunch! It’s amazing how adding sleeves makes these dresses so versatile this season!

Urban Outfitters, $79

Modcloth, $57.99

Fleur Wood, $98

Lulu’s, $39

Forever 21, $22.80

Yuki, $90

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  1. Isabelle

    You really are like my own personal shopper. I’m totally getting that ASOS dress for a wedding I’m going to next month.