Hey Where You From? I’m From New York. I Really Like Your Style. Huh, What? You Like The Way I Walk?


Since I’ve been officially blogging for two years now, I finally feel I’m “big” enough to attend the much-anticipated IFBCon (and part of NYFW) in September. Ticket is purchased, so ready or not here I come! I lived in New York City for four years, so I know what this time of year in the city means: lots of ladies clad in their latest finds trying to one-up the next girl with her totally unique and amazing personal style. It’s all really superficial but hey, it is what it is. With that said, I’ve made a vow NOT to purchase anything new for the conference (I’m on a budget over here!), instead I plan on remixing my own wardrobe to create new looks worthy of the sidewalk runways of the Big Apple. To get me motivated, I’ve put together a few street style looks to inspire me as I start the process of outfit planning.

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(Post Title: “New York Girls” by Morningwood)

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  1. Penny Pincher Fashion

    I love that you are not allowing yourself to buy anything new! I have purposely been putting a little money away each month so I can buy just a couple pieces before I go (on sale, of course)! :)

  2. Alyssa

    Good for you! I too have already been thinking of ways to remix my wardrobe without having to buy new pieces for IFBCon…hopefully I can stick to it!

  3. Jessica

    This will definitely be the hardest trip to pack for in history. 1. I want to wear sneakers in NYC. 2. If it’s raining, I’m fucked. 3. If i’m feeling fat, I’m fucked.

    and 4. You were just shopping the other day for IFB, don’t lie.

    xoxo Jessica

  4. Marissa - After Party Shoes

    Great photos! I love the first one! The dress is simply stunning!