How About Love, Measure In Love, Seasons Of Love…


Shorts, Sweaters and Slippers

I really wish fashion experts realized just how hard it is to “remix” my wardrobe. Sure I wear boyfriend blazers over my summer sundresses and my chambray shirt with just about anything anytime, but what else can I do? Well, I love my sweaters from the winter, and my shorts are just begging to be taken out from the back of the closet, also my toes haven’t seen a pedicure in months (eww) so closed toes are still in order. Here we go: the Sweater, Shorts, Slipper combo! Taking my favorite pieces I stock up on each season and incorporating them into one stellar look is the easiest and most fun way to remix my wardrobe!

shots and sweaters with slippers

1. J.Crew, $59.99 | 2. Topshop, $84 | 3. Madewell, $59.50
4. Target, $19.99 | 5. New Look, $22.02 | 6. River Island, $54.26

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  1. Moi Contre La Vie

    This is such a cute, versatile look – Perfect for early Spring through late Summer for any number of events. Great round-up here, I adore those polka dot shorts!

  2. Two Pugs and a Nugget

    Adorable!! :) I wish I was even close to wearing something like this…but seeing as I was trudging through snow this morning, the shorts are going to have to wait a wee bit longer. ;)

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Bianca

    I must ask! I’m new to photoshop and editing and I always see edits like yours on the image above where the background behind “The Best of the Seasons…” is faded. How do you do that?