How About Love, Measure In Love, Seasons Of Love…

Shorts, Sweaters and Slippers

I really wish fashion experts realized just how hard it is to “remix” my wardrobe. Sure I wear boyfriend blazers over my summer sundresses and my chambray shirt with just about anything anytime, but what else can I do? Well, I love my sweaters from the winter, and my shorts are just begging to be taken out from the back of the closet, also my toes haven’t seen a pedicure in months (eww) so closed toes are still in order. Here we go: the Sweater, Shorts, Slipper combo! Taking my favorite pieces I stock up on each season and incorporating them into one stellar look is the easiest and most fun way to remix my wardrobe!

shots and sweaters with slippers

1. J.Crew, $59.99 | 2. Topshop, $84 | 3. Madewell, $59.50
4. Target, $19.99 | 5. New Look, $22.02 | 6. River Island, $54.26

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(Post Title: “Seasons Of Love” from RENT)

15 Responses to How About Love, Measure In Love, Seasons Of Love…

  1. V says:

    I love this look! Casual but chic and pretty much prefect sweater.


  2. Kimberly says:

    This outfit is perfect in every way – totally something I would wear…I am forever on the hunt for shorts that are the right length for my long legs (not an easy item to find)!

  3. Love everything about this mix!!

  4. So perfect for that somewhat cold time right after winter and just before spring! I love the layering of a button down in that first picture you used as well. I’ll be pinning this :)

    xo Jackie

  5. amy says:

    My fav thing to do on cool nights is throw a big knit over some shorts! Love it!
    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

  6. This is such a cute, versatile look – Perfect for early Spring through late Summer for any number of events. Great round-up here, I adore those polka dot shorts!

  7. Cannot wait for spring to bring out this look, have been awaiting it now!

  8. I wear sweaters with shorts but never thought about slippers. Love this!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  9. Adorable!! :) I wish I was even close to wearing something like this…but seeing as I was trudging through snow this morning, the shorts are going to have to wait a wee bit longer. ;)

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Oh I will definitely be sporting this combo once the warmer weather rolls around. So cute!


  11. isa says:

    It does look really good! You need just the right sort of weather to wear all three comfortably at once though!

  12. ChanelWears says:

    I love the blue black mix and I feel that same way about remixes. Im always like ive mixed everything I could….now wha?


  13. Don’t hate those shorts. At. All.

    xo Meaghan

  14. Kara says:

    Love that neon sweater.. I need to incorporate more neon in to my life.


  15. Bianca says:

    I must ask! I’m new to photoshop and editing and I always see edits like yours on the image above where the background behind “The Best of the Seasons…” is faded. How do you do that?

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