I Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Fire…


Asos, $34.48

I love the fact I am a sorority girl. But along with being in the best organization on my campus comes the aftermath that they don’t prepare you for during those 4 years…the post sorority life of engagements. I would say more than half of the girls I pledged with are about to be engaged, are engaged, or are already married.

Don’t get me wrong, I could not be more happy for all my fellow sisters who have found their better half and are starting on this great new chapter in life. (I can hardly choose a shade of lipstick let alone a man I want to spend forever with!) The only thing that I would say makes me consider this whole marriage thing is the idea of that RING! A shiny new rock is never a bad thing. Ever.

But ladies, why do we need a man to get new jewel to wear on my hand? I recently read “Sundays at Tiffany’s” and this girl goes through a traumatic break up. To make herself feel better, she heads to Tiffany’s and buys herself a $65,000 diamond ring! Just for herself! Now ok, I get that not many of us have that kinda cash lying around to buy us a rock just for fun (my idea of a splurge when I’m feeling down is ordering a venti instead of a tall at Starbucks) but sometimes a pretty peice of jewelry is just what I need to make myself feel better. And since I’ve just gone through my own traumatic breakup, gosh darn I deserve something pretty on my finger! My Canary diamond solitare on platinum band (wink wink to my future husband) is obviously not in my near future – so it looks like I’ll be heading to my local mall to get my ring fix.

Here are some of the biggest, baddest, “I’m Engaged to ME” statement cocktails rings that I’m loving today.  Let me know how you rock your own rock today at the Poor Little IT Girl Facebook page!

Juicy Couture, $78

Kate Spade, $75

Rachel Roy, $42

Betsey Johnson, $60

Express, $34.90

Anthropologie, $98

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  1. Shells

    So glad to see someone my age still in that same boat!!! Then again, what’s better then a fat gift for yourself for being awesome and waiting for the best that’s out there! Unfortunately, the pearl and sapphire ring I wear often gets mistaken for an engagement ring. Bit of an issue when going out for the night with the girls! :)