I Forgive You, I Forgive Me. So When Do I Start To Feel Again. If I Hate You What Does That Do? So I Breathe In And I Count To Ten…


I am one of those people who wait till the last minute to do my holiday shopping. I just can’t seem to find the motivation to start taking on such a big project this time of year. (Pretty sure that’s called procrastination. Ha!) It’s also hard to find that perfect gift for everyone on my list too. My motto when it comes to friends and family is to pick something out that I would love to receive: be it a fun beauty product, a great coffee table book, my favorite candle scent or even a silly little rug. So now that we only have a week or so of shopping days left…here are a ten of my favorite gifts to give!

1. Kate Spade Laptop Sleeve, $60
2. Modcloth Beaded Necklace, $49.99
3. Madewell Striped Snowfall Sweaters, $85
4. The Elements of Style Illustrated Book, $24.95
5. Essie Coat Azure, Vanity Fairest ,Chinchilly, $8
6. Sydney Hale Soy Candle, $26
7. Case-Mate Crossbody Phone Wallet, $88
8. Modcloth Owl Rug, $64.99
9. Melissa Bow Ballet Flats, $90.90
10. Topshop Snood, $40

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  1. Jessi

    Whew, I thought I was the only one… All these people posting that they were pretty much done over Thanksgiving weekend was giving me serious guilt … Procrastinators unite! :)
    xoxo J