I Hold On To Your Secrets In White Houses…


Thank the Bonus Jonas it is finally the season for rocking white shoes! They are only acceptable for a few months of the year (even if you live in the south, white footwear in January is NEVER allowed), so you really have to take advantage of this style while you have the chance. I’m not Rihanna, so no matter how hard I try a pair of white pumps just won’t work for me. However, I can settle into a casual pair of white sandals for the summer without a worry!

If you’re ready to wear your own white shoes this summer, take inspiration from the two “White Sandal Approved” outfits below. But remember when putting your own look together: don’t wear white in any other part of your outfit (that is a little too matchy-matchy) and make sure you keep them clean. (Insert a rap lyric about keeping their sneakers spotless here.)


Shop The Looks:
1. Topshop Sandals, $85
2. Madewell Dress, $68
3. Lipsy Headband, $13.79
4. Forever 21 Necklace, $3.80
5. Xhilaration Crossbody Bag, $14.99
6. American Apparel Body Suit (2-pack), $42
7. Asos Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $20.69
8. Moto Shorts, $70

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