I Loved You Grey Sweat Pants, No Makeup, So Perfect…


I’ve had an eventful last few days – I took a (biggest waste of my time) trip to Savannah and have been working my three jobs like a mad woman. Yesterday even ended with my friends and myself sort of crashing a sorority/fraternity crush at a local bar! (I was mistaken for an 18 year old and went home with a new koozie…score!) So I knew that as I pressed my snooze button at least a dozen times this morning that I would be ending my week on a less productive note. Today will be spent in my comfiest sweat pants, coziest sweater and curled up on the couch with my laptop doing minimal work and enjoying a relaxing (and freezing cold) day at home.

1. Mossimo Short Sleeve Tee, $8
2. Portolano Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf, $88
3. Quiksilver Lounge Pants, $54.50
4. Quiksilver Winter Surf Club Hoodie, $64.50
5. Madewell Long Sleeve Indigo Ink Tee, $42
6. Madewell Smokeshadow Sweatshirt Poncho, $88
7. Forever 21 Knit Panda Scarf, $12.80

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