I Sent You To Vegas With A Pocket Full Of Paper And With No Ultimatums On You…


Ladies and Gentleman, the time has come…VEGAS! I’ve never been to this magical land of the west but from what I hear, I have no doubt that this trip will be well worth the wait (and serious debt) to be with all my best girl friends. When it comes to packing for a big weekend I always bring either too little and hate everything, or bring too much and hate everything. I’ve made it a point to try and list all of the important events of my time in Sin City so I have the perfect wardrobe. But since majority of the weekend we’ll either be at a club getting our dance party on at the pool getting our vodka on, bikinis and dresses are really the only musts. Sprinkle in a few casual tops and some shorts and I’m ready. Vegas here I come!

1. Topshop Dress, $80 | 2. Forever 21 Fedora, $10.80
3. Quiksilver Shorts, $49.50 | 4. Steve Madden Sandals, $69.95
5. Target Bikini Top, $19.99  | 6. Target Bikini Bottom, $19.99
7. Maybelline Lipbalm, $2.99 | 8. Modcloth Sunglasses, $11.99
9. Madewell Tee, $39.50 | 10. Club Monaco Necklace, $49.50
11. Miss Selfridge Dress, $80 | 12. Topshop Dress, $72
13. H&M Top, $14.95 | 14. Linea Pelle Bracelet, $66.99
15. Zara Heels, $89.90 | 16. Hawaiian Tropic Lotion, $7.99

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