I Still Care For You, Oh How Strange…


Fashion magazines always tell us that we should invest in the basics and to stay away from “too trendy” items. While I totally agree with that advice, sometimes I just want to own something funky…something a little strange. And I’ve found the best way to get my fix of the different is with accessories! I love wearing my flip-up wayfarers shades (I have the ones here in hot pink), and what’s more fun than a necklace of fashionable ladies?! And I oh so desperately wish I was brave enough to rock a Ke$ha inspired eye-mask! Just remember if you wear an “in your face” accessory like these to keep the rest of your outfit neutral so you have a basic background to showcase your flare. Having people give your outfit that second glance isn’t always a bad thing…sometimes we just need to have a little fun with fashion!

1. Modcloth Ring, $39.99
2. Modcloth Nail Stickers, $11.99
3. Modcloth Necklace, $34.99
4. Topshop Eye Mask, $44
5. Girl Props Sunglasses, $9.99
6. Asos Peter Pan Leather Collar, $25.86
7. Jeffrey Campbell Platform Sandals, $99

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  1. Lexa

    I’m really liking the necklace with the fashionable ladies! Too cute!
    I really love your blog! Every post is so fun and interesting! =]

    1. Poor Little It Girl

      Hi Lexa! Thank you so much for checking out PLIG every day! I love that necklace too…I think I’d wear it with boyfriend jeans and a slouchy white tank. It’s too fun to not let it be the star of the show! xoxo Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl