If You Always Get Up Late You’ll Never Be On Time…


Don’t call it a come back, kids! Those watches we rocked back in middle school have officially made their way into fashion world once again! Not sure how it all got started (again), but I know for me, I was reintroduced to the watch-world courtesy of Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere. It seems every time she does an outfit post she’s wearing a gold menswear-inspired Michael Kors watch. Suddenly I felt like everyone was sporting a trendy time-teller for the sake of fashion! While a masculine gold watch is becoming the staple, there is something so fun about a bright colored or clean white ticker too!

1. Seiko Wrist Watch, $95
2. Torrid Boyfriend Watch, $16.50
3. Seiko Vintage Watch, $100
4. American Apparel California Select Watch, $40
5. Rip Curl Echo Watch, $100
6. Timex Originals Camper Watch, $50
7. Adidas Cambridge Watch, $75
8. Neff Daily Watch, $29.99
9. MICHAEL Michael Kors Chronograph Watch, $89.98

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