I’ll Take The Physical Challenge…


I love a good challenge – so when I was presented with the Double Dare of putting together an entire outfit – head to toe – for under $100 I went all Kirsten Dunst and thought: Bring. It. On!

So first things first: what kind of outfit could I put together for under a hundo that #1, didn’t look like I got dressed in the dark and #2 was functional for the upcoming warmer weather we’re having this weekend? Since I plan on doing some serious vintage window shopping enjoying all the rays I can, I decided on a simple chic (and total wannabe Brooklyn hipster) ensemble. Shorts with tights (it works I promise!) with shades and a bag. Done and done.

Time for a little Math…

a) Nollie top, $9.99 + b) Forever 21 necklace, $9.80 + c) Forever 21 ring, $3.80 + d) Fly Jane shades, $9.90 + e) Target bag, $14.99 + f) Revolt shorts, $14.99 + g) J.Jill tights, $7.99 h) Delia’s sweater, $14.99 + i) Wet Seal Flats, $12.80 = $99.25!!!!

Mission accomplished – super chic weekend outfit for Under $100! (Insert this PLIG brushing her shoulders off here.)

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  1. Kyle

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS. Will probably purchase everything in this post today… wear it next week… and then pretend it was my brilliant fashion sense. :-). Just kidding! But I still LOVE it!!!

  2. anonymous

    Love the look, but I’m in my mid-20s and pretty fickle on whether or not to wear jean shorts. What are your tips on wearing jean shorts so I don’t look like I’m trying to be my 16 year old sister?

    1. cathyanderson

      Wearing jeans shorts can be a bit daunting I understand. But it really is all about fit and length. Being mid-20’s myself, I am waaaay past of the days of the super short cut offs that I used to rock while in college. Now, I find myself drawn to longer, looser styles of denim shorts with cuffs in darker washers (no distressing or holes!) to pair with an oversized button down and flats. Its young and fun but not “My parents still have to drop me off at the mall” kind of young.

      If you’re still worried you just can’t make denim shorts work for yourself – check out an entry I did on silk shorts here:

      Hope this helps and, as always, keep coming back to to PLIG for more fashion tips and FUN!

      Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    1. Poor LIttle IT Girl

      Thanks so much for the comment! I checked out your blog too…SO FUN!! Keep checking back for more fashion tips and trends under $100!

      Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl