I’m Bold, Bold As Love…


Asos, $94.82

I totally think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder – a.k.a the Winter Blues. All this cold weather and layers of drab clothing can put any of us in a fashion (and personal) funk.

No amount of chocolate treats or Robert Pattinson pictures can fix a girl when she’s got the blues. So perhaps the Fashion Gods heard our cries for help and decided to take their “Magical Wand of Trends” and make BRIGHTS all the rage for the new year!

Juicy reds, sunny yellows, and bold oranges are sure to take your frown and turn it upside down. As the weather soon begins to rise (or even now while it’s a bit chilly still) take the plunge and be bold this season! These juicy separates look great when paired with your neutral black pants and grey cardigans from the winter – but if you’re extra daring (like me!) mix your bold colors with one another. Take those Madewell blue shorts (also seen here, I love them that much) and pair them with a grey tee, tights, and the yellow Modcloth trench. Or you can even take your favorite skinny jeans and put them with the Express espadrilles and the Anthropologie tank! It’s the definition of bold and beautiful!

Modcloth, $57.99

Urban Outfitters, $48

Forever 21, $3.80

J.Crew, $88

Anthropologie, $58

Madewell, $78

Madewell, $99.99

Express, $29.90

Do you love to be BOLD in BRIGHTS? Let me know how you rock this upcoming trend at the Poor Little IT Girl Facebook page today!

(PLIG Tip: Sometimes the easiest way to add a bit of color to your look is with a juicy pout! My go-to bright lip is Face Stockholm Creme Lipstick in V.I.P. It’s the perfect bold pink color plus it lasts for hours!)

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