I’m Naked Around You, Does It Show…


Bright and bold colors are going to be a huge trend for spring. (I’ve even mentioned it here, here and here.) And while I love a splash of juicy color here and there, I found myself on bright overload lately and have toned down my look considerably. Off are the neon pink polished nails and the bright red lip, and I’ve (only temporarily) said goodbye to my favorite neon silk tank and my red high heels – right now I want to keep it simple and neutral. I suppose you can say I want to go nude.

While nude and “makeup” tones can we worn all year long, I love its simplicity right after I’ve overdosed on all the color I’ve been throwing on the second it became spring and warmed up outside. Just for a little while (I can’t stay away from my bright pieces for too long!) I want to tone it down with all these pretty nude pieces for the coming season.

1. Topshop, $36 2. Calvin Klein, $98 3. Asos, $17.93
4. Modcloth, $72.99 5. Cynthia Vincent, $75 6. Urban Expressions, $59.99
7. A. L. C., $84 8. Topshop, $8 9. Urban Outfitters, $10
10. MRKT, $69.95 11. Covergirl, $4.84 12. Forever 21, $8.80

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  1. Angel @ | 77inspire |a

    Love that tank in the middle. great selection of stuff :) thanks for sharing.

  2. Kathryn

    I’ve been the worst blogger this week. SO much stuff going on. But I just wanted to let you know, I love everything in this post. Neutral colors are just so classic and timeless. I just love it! xo Have a wonderful weekend! xo