It’s Time, Meet Me On The Sunny Road


The one good thing about the direction my life has taken me is that I’m settled down south where swimwear is once again part of my summer wardrobe. With a pool at my apartment complex (after NYC I still am giddy about this amenity), I find myself soaking up the suns rays multiple times a week, meaning I’ve started quite a large bikini collection. Picking a perfect bikini for your bod isn’t rocket science – find one that lifts the girls, covers the booty, and makes your body look bangin’! I prefer styles in bold colors where I can easily remove the straps to prevent those horrible tan lines (and if you have those tan lines, ladies please stop wearing strapless dresses…it’s so tacky!) and when I’m in the mood, nothing makes me feel sexier being half naked than a basic black bikini. Boys love it!

Shop The Suits:
1. Topshop Halter Bikini Set, $56
2. TM by Tara Matthews Bikini Top, $90 and Brief, $90
3. Vix Bikini Top, $80, and Brief, $80
4. Quiksilver Iconic String Bikini Set, $69.50
5. Topshop Bandeau Bikini Set, $52
6. Vix Bikini Top, $84, and Brief, $88
7. Aubin & Wills Bikini Top, $75 and Brief, $70

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  1. CC

    Hi PLIG. I wasn’t aware that tan lines are tacky. I’m into cycling, so I tend to spend a lot of time in the sun wearing bike shorts and jerseys. I do wear sunscreen, but all those hours of sun exposure still do their thing. Are people judging me for my tan lines? I didn’t know! Am I not allowed to wear tank tops and strapless things?

    1. Poor Little It Girl

      Hi CC! Wear a strong SPF (like 50) when cycling to prevent too harsh of a tan line (and to keep from burning). When you’re ready to rock the strapless, don’t be afraid to use a light dusting of bronzer or even a self tanner to ease the white lines so everything blends! You’ll look flawless!! xoxo PLG!

  2. Yasmine

    Hey PLIG. I am on the search to find an affordable, conservative (I’m 13! I don’t need my girls up front and center), and cute bikini. Any ideas? Also, I am in love with bandeau but I prefer some strap. Thanks!

  3. LMG

    Im kinda afraid of going to summer camp with tan lines is there a simple easy and cheap way to get rid of those for good