I’ve Got A Little Babe With Jewels Upon Her Lip…


I hardly ever wear jewelry. Sure, I stack on a few bracelets (these are my favorite) here and there…but I’ve never been one to really pile on the accessories. Some girls have an old necklace from a boyfriend (or boyfriends past) or a ring that has sentimental value they wear on a daily basis – but not me. Even though I’m not one for adding on the jewelry, there is something about the seasons changing from tank tops and shorts to chunky knits and tights that makes me crave a little something – specifically statement earrings. Vintage inspired, art deco, or dangling earrings in jewel tones, gold and silver draw attention to the face and provide the perfect finishing touch to any autumn outfit. I typically skip any other adornment additions when I wear these statement earpieces, so nothing is competing for attention against these bold beauties!

1. Belle Noel Nugget Earrings, $38
2. Asos Door Knocker Earrings, $18.30
3. Kate Spade Statement Earrings, $89
4. Blu Bijoux Silverstone Chevron Drop Earrings, $43
5. Asos Statement Set Stone Earrings, $27.44
6. Tahari Faceted Stone Drop Earrings, $50
7. Forever 21 Peacock Drop Earrings, $5.80
8. Pieces Animal Chainmail Earrings, $12.81

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  1. Kathryn

    I’m the same way… although I have quite the (growing) collection of jewelry I’m not one to be decked out in it from head to toe! But I do love how a piece like a statement earring can really make the outfit. Loving numbers 3,5, and 6 the best!! xo


  2. Callie

    Good to know I’m not alone. Besides a few bracelets every now and then, I’m not an accessorizer either!! I own one pair of earrings. (blasphemy)