Just Couldn’t Tie Me Down…


Minkpink, $62.76

Call it a flashback to the 1980’s, or cowgirl style, or even refer to it as a bit hippie – but I have a serious love for tie-front tops this season! Now I know you can take just any old top from your closet and knot it at the bottom, but if you look hard at your local mall you can find that many of your favorite brands are making tops specifically designed to be tied up for your fashion pleasure! These extra long fabric strips at the front of the shirts allow you to have fun experimenting with how you want to style your look!

Now before y’all start huffing and puffing that your still holding a bit of your holiday pooch (Get to the gym! It’s April!), it’s OK because for most of these tops you can adjust how low or high you want the tie to go! I prefer to have the knot hit right at the waist of my bottoms – be it a skirt or a pair of boyfriend jeans. And don’t be afraid to rock this style at the office!  This Topshop blouse would look absolutely divine with a camisole underneath and a pair of high-waist black trousers.

Guess, $54

French Connection, $69.99

Topshop, $70

Urban Outfitters, $34

Delia’s, $24.50

Modcloth, $44.99


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