Kick Off Your Shoes And Have No Fear, Bring That Bottle Over Here…


Why is there only the expression “Spring Cleaning” yet there is nothing for Fall? While I do purge a lot of stuff in Spring, I feel like it’s Fall when I really go off the deep end and remove anything that I haven’t worn in the last year from my closet/life. And since I’ve basically thrown out all of my shoes I’ve worn down to a thin sole the last ten months, I’m in desperate need of a footwear facelift. Fall requires footwear that covers my toes (pedicures are few and far between now) and work with all the jeans, chunky layered outfits and tights I’ll be wearing for the next few months. So here is a brief roundup of my go-to-got-to-have-need-in-my-life boots, flats and sneakers that I’m sure to be purchasing this season!

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  1. Patience

    So love the bold pumps.

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