Weekly Weakness – Madewell Tunic Sweater


Ok, hear me out. I’m not sure what is drawing me to this sleeveless tunic sweater at Madewell, but I’ve definitely been back to it online multiple times in the past couple weeks, wondering if I should pull the trigger and get it already. Maybe it’s how they styled the model, or maybe it’s because I never thought of layering a look like this for fall, but I’m slightly obsessed. Obviously when it gets cooler, you can swap out the shorts for your favorite blue jeans, but couldn’t you also see this over a little dress or paired with a midi skirt and boots? Yes. Yes I think I need it. Thanks for walking me through that, everyone.

Madewell Sleeveless Tunic Sweater

Poor Little It Girl Weekly Weakness - Madewell Sleeveless Tunic Sweater @poorlilitgirl

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  1. Victoria

    Okay so I thought the exact same thing but purchased it in store about a week and a half ago. It’s super cute worn on its own with black skinnies and a rockin’ necklace for a transitional piece; over the right shirtdress, it could be really cute.

    I think it’s the way they’ve styled on the model. To a Midwesterner, why would I layer and wear a sweater over jeans? It just feels funny. I highly recommend but it runs a little big (I would normally buy S, but went with XS). Hope that helps!

    1. Poor Little It Girl

      Oh for sure! The 2nd week of cold weather I’m going to be all bitchy about how I’m freezing! LOL xoxo Cathy

  2. Samantha

    I think that vest is perfect for fall because it lends itself to the collegiate style–especially paired with a little skirt, like you said. I think if you’ve given yourself a couple of weeks and are still in love with it, then you know it’s not an impulse buy and you will probably be very happy with your purchase :)

    Samantha | http://www.besosfromamerica.com

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