My Match, Your Fire…


It’s happened again – I’ve become hooked on a teen book series. For the last three years I’ve been screaming nothing but TEAM EDWARD, and now I’m happy to say I’ve officially gone TEAM KY as I’ve started the “Matched” triology. Once again, I am obsessed with another fictitious, brooding, teenage boy, and if loving them is wrong I never want to be right.

A brief synopsis of the book (obvi not going to tell you anything juicy) is that there is this society, based in the future, where the “government” controls everything. They say what you eat, what work you do, and who you fall in love with. They even control what you wear – only being allowed to wear “plainclothes” that are white, navy or tan. I began thinking about how miserable it would be to never wear any real color ever again, then realized that umm…majority of my wardrobe actually consists of these three colors! Guess it wouldn’t be so bad to wear only these three shades forever, especially if that means Cathy + Ky = 4-EVER!

1. Juicy Couture Sunglasses, $98
2. Old Navy Chiffon-Tie Top, $19.50
3. Modcloth Tulle Dress, $87.99
4. Topshop Cat-Print Scarf, $32
5. Asos Portfolio Clutch, $94.81
6. Topshop Linen Belted Skirt, $70
7. Rain Leather Bracelet, $75
8. Topshop Loafers, $100
9. DKNY Jeans Sweater, $34.99

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