New Year, New Goals – What I’m Planning For 2017!


New Year, New Goals - What I'm Planning For 2017 - Poor Little It Girl - Pink Roses

During my little holiday break vacation, I spent a lot of that time cleaning. Basically spring cleaning, but just a little earlier. I went through my closet and donated a ton of stuff to charity which felt great. I also organized my beauty products and my office junk. While rummaging through my desk, I stumbled upon my “2016 Blog Goals” list I made this time last year. It wasn’t fancy, just a little note of 10 things I wanted to do in 2016 to build my brand. Some I accomplished (i.e create video content for the blog), some I didn’t (more self-pitching to brands).

So I figured the best way to hold myself more accountable this year, I’d post them on my blog for all to see! Some are blog related, some are a little more personal. Let me know what your 2017 goals are too in the comments below…there may be something I need to add to my list!

New Year, New Goals - What I'm Planning For 2017 - Poor Little It Girl

This was the first thing on my list from 2016 and I’m glad I accomplished that goal. First there was my video I did on “Three Ways To Style Boyfriend Jeans” that I just loved. Then, after our move to Atlanta, I did a beauty video post on my favorite lipstick shades as well. Not going to lie, video content is SO much work and I have no clue how to do it without the help of a videographer, but I’m hoping to dive deeper into this new platform this year. What video content would you like to see? Would love some ideas!

New Year, New Goals - What I'm Planning For 2017 - Poor Little It Girl

New Year, New Goals - What I'm Planning For 2017 - Poor Little It Girl

I know it may seem a little crazy to have “Get Married” as one of my 2017 “to do” plans, but it’s true. Adam and I have been engaged for over a year now, and our wedding planning has been super minimal. Ok, non-existant. We plan on eloping in the fall, followed by a long European vacation. But the process of actually planning, even an intimate ceremony just the two of us, is proving to be a daunting task. We’re stilling wanting to do the beautiful dress, flowers, nice getaway for our wedding, don’t get me wrong – there’s still stuff to plan! If you’ve eloped or and have any tips on how to to organize it all, I’d love to hear them! Or maybe a great blog post you’ve read on this I’d love to see it!

New Year, New Goals - What I'm Planning For 2017 - Poor Little It Girl

As y’all know, when I lived in DC I was a bit of Pure Barre addict. I worked front desk at my local studio and took class about 3-4 times a week. But something happened when we moved to Atlanta. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not working at a studio (so I’m not “forced” to be there at certain times) or that in ATL I have drive a few miles to get to the closest PB, but the struggle is real to workout. Working from home, it’s hard to get out of the house in general, but I’m just in a fitness slump to say the least. So for 2017, I’m getting my butt in gear! In addition to doing Pure Barre (which I still LOVE), do you have any suggestions on other workouts to try?

New Year, New Goals - What I'm Planning For 2017 - Poor Little It Girl - Workout Routine

New Year, New Goals - What I'm Planning For 2017 - Poor Little It Girl

When you think of Poor Little It Girl, I always want my readers to know that affordable fashion and petite styling is always my number one focus. However, it’s always fun to venture into new categories that fit in seamlessly with my current content. One thing I really want to work on more for 2017 is my beauty coverage. So while I give you inspiration on what to wear, I also want to show you ways to finish off your look with an easy make-up routine or hair tutorial. While I touch on these topics from time to time, I really want to dive into them more here on PLIG. Have any ideas of beauty posts you want to see from me (yes, once I master this braid I’ll be sure to show you how I do it!), let me know in the comments below!

New Year, New Goals - What I'm Planning For 2017 - Poor Little It Girl - Braided Hair

New Year, New Goals - What I'm Planning For 2017 - Poor Little It Girl

In 2016, I felt like I had so many trips on the books. From Argentina to Aruba to Denver and DC – I was in the sky almost every month! While I’m not the biggest fan of flying, I’m hoping to keep up the momentum of exploring more through travel. Like I mentioned before, Adam and I are hoping to do some sort of European trip for our honeymoon (we’ve both never been!) which will be fun. But even just planning trips in the good ol’ U S of A is exciting. New Orleans, Nashville, Vegas, Charleston, New York, are all on my wish list for this year. Here’s to hoping I can save up enough money to check them all off!

New Year, New Goals - What I'm Planning For 2017 - Poor Little It Girl - Travel

While I could list out another dozen things I hope to do this year, I figured a top 5 list seems appropriate. I don’t want to get too head of myself now, ha! Here’s to hoping 2017 is better than 2016 (can’t we all agree it was pretty insane?!) and Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. jessica

    I’m with you on travel and working out! I think I need to find a new group class to take to get myself out of the house more (and not going to the 5th floor gym) and be social! AND PS WHEN CAN WE GO TO CHARLESTON AGAIN!?

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  2. keshia

    Love this post and all your goals for this year my beautiful friend <3 So excited to see all your success in 2017 :)



  3. Lauren

    The working out and traveling goals are definitely on my list, too! In fact, I’m thinking of trying out the first week of Pure Barre and really hope I like it! Also, I remember your Argentina trip and it was beautiful!


  4. Camille

    My only 2017 aspiration is to re launch my blog and really push forward with this dream to create my own unique space in this fashion world.

    oh and PS: if you have any extra clothes to donate H&M offers 15% off every time you shop if you bring a bag of at least 4 items of any kind in any condition that are made of fabric to donate. GREAT way to save and give back.

    Guilty of Glitz

  5. Lisa

    I love your transparency…just sat down to pen my own goals! Added in these: read one business based book each month, drink 64oz water each day, incorporate ‘be still’ moments into my day. Blessings on 2017! xo

  6. Heather Brownley

    Have you considered running?? There’s a HUGE running community in Atlanta.

  7. Jackie

    I’m with you on a few of these things, too. Video is something I started to dive into a little bit in 2016, but I want to make that more of a focus this year, too. It’s a LOT of work, but I know that YouTubers can do it, so why can’t I?

    Can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!

    Something About That

    1. Cathy Anderson Post author

      Totally, I need to just find someone to sit down with me and show me exactly how to edit so I can start doing it on my own…it’s SO overwhelming! xoxo Cathy

  8. Courtney

    Destination Wedding Planner/Travel Agent! Many travel agents specialize in weddings. They’ve been to so many locations, that you can just describe what you want and they’ll be able to suggest great locations. Additionally, our destination planner already had a relationship with the resort, so she did all of the back and forth communicating which made my part quite easy!

  9. Stephanie // A SPARKLE FACTOR

    Love your list! SUCH good travel destinations on your wishlist. I feel like there is SOOO much I want to do this year too.. it’s kiiind of overwhelming. And oh em gee… with you on how hard video content is!! Like… makes me wanna cry lol but it’s so cool to do. Argh. If you find any good tutorials, let me know lol! Can’t wait to see your videos this year! And beauty content. And wedding pics haha. Love you!


    Hmm how about a behind-the-scenes kind of vlog/video (e.g., during photoshoots) for your YouTube channel? IDK, anything you do seems really interesting to me! :)

  11. Rebecca

    Look at those pretty blue mules!!
    How will you wear them?
    What will you wear them with?…socks??

  12. Rachel

    I started taking kickboxing classes in 2014 and haven’t looked back. I get so bored with cardio so this definitely is the way to go for me. I also incorporated more strength classes last year and can’t believe the results. It is so exciting to see how my body has become more toned and strong over the past year. I am not the type to just go to the gym and use machines so classes are a MUST.

  13. Whitney Gibbs

    We eloped to Napa Valley and it was beyond perfect. The B&Bs there will get you a minister, photographer and cake. We showed up in our fancy clothes and said vows. Piece of cake!! (The cake was good too!)

  14. Christina

    I loved our wedding but sometimes think about how we should have eloped! I think it’s so romantic! Looks like you have a fun and busy year ahead! :)

  15. Me

    I LOoked at your petite sizing and it seems off. No offense but you don’t look like you’d be the smallest size.

    1. Cathy Anderson Post author

      Too bad any sentence that starts with “no offense” is typically usually 100% offensive. But you’re in luck, I have a sense of humor and don’t take comments like this too seriously. Yes, I’m 4’11 and wear usually the smallest sizes at most stores (besides ASOS where I size up one in their petite section)…not sure why I would ever lie about that. But in any case, happy with my size, no matter how readers perceive that, bigger or smaller, so God Bless! xoxo Cathy