No I’m Not Colorblind, I Know The World Is Black And White…


I’m bored. Yes, I said it.  I’ve been overwhelmed with all the bold colors and prints for spring, I have found myself longing for a winter in New York City where I wear all dark colors for weeks at a time and no one gives me a second glance. (I say this now till I’m stuck walking to the subway in snow and then I’ll immediately regret that statement.)

Since I can’t bring myself to break out an all black ensemble this season, why not pair the most versatile color (black) with the other most versatile color…white! Black and white, while colorless in theory, makes everything better! People look better in photos when they are shot in black and white, an Oreo trumps a chocolate chip cookie, so of course a B&W outfit is going to rock my world as well.  Pair a simple B&W tank with black trousers and pumps and you’re simply chic. Even at the pool a black and white bikini gives off a bit of sophistication that a neon print suit just can’t stand against. So if you’re over all your crazy colors for spring, go back to the basics with a simple black and white combo.

1. Modcloth, $99.99 2. Topshop, $36 3. Madewell, $24.50
4. Madewell, $58 5. Topshop, $32 6. Casio, $25
7. Madewell, $79.99 8. Quiksilver, $88
9. Quiksilver, $30.80 10. Kate Spade, $95

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  1. Edit by Lauren

    I love the Madewell dress! I am going to have to add THAT to my closet! =]
    Sometimes, all I want to wear is black and white too! It makes me feel instantly chic and I always tend to just feel more comfortable!