Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Top 10 Coats and Jackets


We’re back with round 2 in our Nordstrom Anniversary Top 10 Lists and today, it’s all about the coat! Now I know we’re still in the dead of summer, but finding great jacket or coat that is affordable and quality enough to keep you warm under $100 is almost impossible (believe me, I’ve looked!), so the 2nd best thing is finding this outwear staple on sale! So let’s shop 20% off these amazing coats and jackets (the Nordstrom Sale is now officially open to the public so everyone can shop!) while we can at discount and when winter rolls around, we’ll all be glad we’re prepared with such chic layering pieces!


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  1. Nicole Walker

    Thanks for sharing these great picks! Although its currently 100 degrees in Florida, and I can’t imagine wearing a winter coat, I know these will be a great investment that I’ll thank myself for later. Definitely eyeing the North Face Metropolis Parka!

    xoxo Nicole