Old Navy Outfit Inspiration For Spring


Old Navy Outfit Inspiration For Spring - Poor Little It Girl

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what to wear this upcoming spring, look no further than Old Navy. Not sure if you’ve been paying attention, but Old Navy is giving off some serious J.Crew vibes lately. Don’t worry, that’s a good thing! They have loads of New Arrivals that you can wear now (like jeans and coats) but also a ton of stuff for the girl who doesn’t live where it’s snowing in February (like dresses and floral prints).

Today, instead of sharing just one piece on each slideshow from Old Navy that I love, I actually rounded up some of their best head to toe looks that I’m currently crushing on. Their styling is on point and if these looks don’t get you excited for spring well…then you’re crazy! So have fun finding your own favorite Old Navy outfit this season!

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  1. Leslie

    I’m often tempted by the Old Navy dresses you show, but aren’t you bothered by the terrible quality? In the last year I’ve had one rayon dress ruined when the black and white stripes bled together, and another shrunk so much it could have been a shirt (both gently washed cold and line dried, btw.) I’ve since sworn off Old Navy’s adult clothing, no matter how good the sale is.

    1. Cathy Anderson Post author

      That unfortunately to hear, but I’ve had the exact opposite experience with my Old Navy pieces. I have dresses I’ve had for years, I LOVE my Old Navy jeans and their belts are some of my favorites. I guess it’s all in how you take care of the pieces and how often they’re worn…but no issues for me! xoxo Cathy

  2. Erin

    I will DEFINITELY be placing an Old Navy order today! All of the stuff you picked is so cute. I love how affordable Old Navy is, too.

  3. Rachel

    Love that shift, lace up top, striped crew neck, denim jacket, and boyfriend shorts! So many great picks!