Out Of All Those Kinds Of People You Got A Face With A View, I’m Just An Animal Looking For A Home…

Next week I’m hosting an event (details below) for one of my favorite stores, C.Wonder, here in the DC area. One of the best parts is that I was asked to wear the brand head to toe. (Twist my arm why don’tcha!) As I perused the site I found these leopard print heels…swoon! They’re perfection in every sense from comfort to cuteness. So of course, I planned my whole outfit around these new pumps and it got me to thinking that with fall approaching, incorporating a bit more leopard into my wardrobe would be a fun way to update my closet full of classics. Here’s to a bit of inspiration for my new favorite fall print!

Poor Little It Girl loves Leopard Print

Here are all the details to my hosting event for C.Wonder next week! If you’re in the area, please RSVP and stop by to say hello to me (and my shoes) for a couple hours of shopping fun!


Find all links for photos on my Pinterest board!

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7 Responses to Out Of All Those Kinds Of People You Got A Face With A View, I’m Just An Animal Looking For A Home…

  1. Love treating leopard as a neutral! This looks like such a fun event- C.Wonder has so many good goodies!!

    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

  2. Heidi says:

    I’m ready to pull the proverbial trigger and pick up my first leopard print piece. If that isn’t a solid conclusion that leopard is now a neutral I don’t know what is!


  3. I have rehearsal for a concert I’m singing in in Reston on Tuesday. So sorry I’ll miss your event!

  4. Sara says:

    Leopard is quickly becoming a favorite in my wardrobe. I am currently wearing a leopard scarf and I love it. Hope to make it on Tuesday!

  5. Love C. Wonder, there shops are so much fun.

  6. Nina says:

    I’m loving that leopard is hanging around, or even becoming more and more a staple.

    xo, Nina

  7. J. Parker says:

    I just picked up my very first leopard print flats earlier this summer and I finally broke them out a few weeks ago – so many compliments! People are really latching on to the whole leopard print movement!
    I do love those C. Wonder pumps, I feel like they’re everywhere now, just taunting me! ;)
    Can’t wait to visit their shop in Tyson’s now!

    j. parker

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