Picture Yourself In A Boat On A River, With Tangerine Trees And Marmalade Skies…


If you follow me on Twitter (you better be at @PoorLilItGirl), then you’ll know that I’ve had a bit of a rough weekend. Between juggling three jobs and having serious problems with boys, I’ve been maxed out when it comes to stress.  Besides the standard bubble bath, bottle (or two) of red wine and the help of my friends reminding me that I’m 1) tan 2) skinny 3) deserve the best, I always find myself dressing up to turn my frown upside down. With summer already hitting the south in full force, shades of tangerine have been my go-to mood lifting color of the moment. I’ve rocked my orange hippie headband all weekend (to cover the sweaty bang) and have been living in my favorite juicy cotton dress while running errands. I love pairing my tangeriney tones with neutral shades and my old blue jeans. Obviously colors posts are some of my favorite (as seen here and here) with orange being added to the list of fun summer shades that make me happy, no matter how much crap life throws at me.

1. TM by Tara Matthews Bikini Top, $90
2. TM by Tara Matthews Bikini Briefs, $90
3. LOVE Skirt, $76
4. American Apparel Sunglasses, $45
5. Rare Shorts, $70
6. Modcloth Platform Sandals, $39.99
7. Essie Nail Polish, $8
8. Topshop Blouse, $70
9. Asos Envelope Clutch, $34.48
10. Anna & Ava Necklace, $48
11. Modcloth Sandals, $32.99

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