Pull Up At The Club VIP Gas Tank On E But All Drinks On Me. Wipe Me Down, Fresh Kicks Fresh White Tall Tee…


I know we are all sick of the boots from winter, but it’s still not quite time to break out the strappy sandals. So what’s a girl to do? The sneaker of course! No, these aren’t your regular old gym sneakers, these are lightweight easy throw on and be comfortable little shoes that just happen to sort of look like those kicks you wear at the gym. In a variety of fabrics, colors and prints…I can’t get enough of these stylish sneakers this season!


1. Fred Perry, $78.93 | 2. Old Navy, $17.97 | 3. Sperry Top-Sider, $100
4. Keds, $40 | 5. Vans, $82.44 | 6. Kate Spade, $75

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(Post Title: “Wipe Me Down” by Foxx, Webbie and Lil Boosie)

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  1. Sarah

    Oh, dear. Some of those are absolutely drool-inducing! I’ve never owned Keds or something similar, and now I’m wondering if it’s time.

  2. Amy

    I LOVE the Milly x sperry top siders and the Kate Spade for KEDS :) So cute! May have to get myself a pair (or two).

  3. Kristina

    Of course the ones I love are Kate Spade, they can do no wrong!


    Kristina does the Internets

  4. Carly

    i adore all of these, so much that i just bought myself those vans. i love throwing on a little sneaker for spring. i’d love to see how you’d style these!