Pushin’ In The Pin…


Nothing gets me (or the rest of the world it seems) more excited than a new phone App or website that we can waste countless hours on. Right now, that new website wonder is Pinterest! This online obsession is a place to share photos of food, fashion, and fun on “boards” you create. While I try to limit the hours I spend on this website to a minimum (I’m embarrassed to share how long I’ve been on it today alone), it’s always exciting to find new outlets that let you express yourself as well find places of inspiration that get your creative juices flowing. Here are just a few of my favorite Pin’s as of yet, and if you’ve been invited to join Pinterest (yes, you have to be invited by someone already a member) be sure to follow me at, your guessed it, PoorLilItGirl.

{shades for the season…}

{the perfect outfit for fall…}

{magnetic strip to hold bobby pins in a cabinet…}

{I was told twice today that I looked like an Olsen twin…yes!}

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  1. thestripedelephant

    I can’t agree with you more – a new iPhone app always gets me so excited. I just recently downloaded iheartradio and HSW (how stuff works).