Say Tomorrow And She’ll Say Come Find Me, On A Beach And There Will Be No Moon…


(Beach babe…)

I grew up in Florida, northeast Florida to be specific. And while the beach was only roughly thirty minutes from my house, I never really went there that often. The only time you’d ever really find me on the coast was in high school with a certain boy playing mini golf in a fake pirate ship followed by a make out session in the sand. Now that I’m older, I still find myself getting the urge to head for the water, rock a new bikini (I found one SUPER similar to the bangin’ fringe one below here) and hear the waves crash while catching some rays…wishing I had really embraced this perk of growing up near the water and sand more often.

 Pinterst Images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

(Post Title: “Communion Cups And Someones Coat” by Iron & Wine)


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  1. Rebecca

    I have that l*space fringe bikini in strapless, the one you linked to and a full piece. They are such nice bathing suits. I wore them in St. Barths during Xmas/new years time and it turned out the black version of the suit was featured on the cover on one of the steamy-ish fashion mags. I noticed last month that forever 21 had a ton of the fringe bikinis. So if anyone is looking for the same look at a fraction of the price (and doesn’t mind a bit of a quality hit) you should look there!