She Can Take The Dark Out Of Nighttime And Paint The Daytime Black…


Is there really a color that is more versatile, loved and functional than black?We’re always hearing about incorporating more color into our wardrobe (I tell y’all that all the time!) but sometimes it’s nice that there is that one shade in your closet that requires no thought, goes with everything, and you seem to own way too much/never enough of. What other color can evoke so many emotions like black does? You wear black when you’re feeling sad your boyfriend dumped you and want to listen to a bunch of depressing music (hello Kelly Clarkson’s “My December” album and basically any Bon Iver song), or if you’re feeling frisky, the first thing you reach for are those black lace panties and a sexy black dress or top. Sad, sexy, who cares…I can’t get enough of this go-to color!

1. Topshop Chiffon Shirt, $75
2. Asos Cat Eye Geeky Specs, $21.95
3. Dents Driving Gloves, $75
4. Kate Spade Necklace, $98
5. Asos Plate Buckle Detail Waist Belt, $21.95
6. Old Navy Blazer, $34.94
7. Topshop Waffle Belted Pencil Skirt, $66
8. Victoria’s Secret PINK Lace-Trim Hipster, $9.50
9. Nicole by OPI “Razzle Dazzler” Nail Lacquer, $7
10. River Island Chunky Ankle Boots, $73.18
11. Reiss Resin Ring, $70
12. Warehouse Cross Body Bag, $65.86

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  1. Callie

    I am definitely “too much but never enough” type gal when it comes to black!! I think I wear it everyday ha! I love this post. It’s all pefectly true. You can wear black, Just throw on a pop of color and it works every time!! :)