She Needed Wide Open Spaces…


Newport News, $59

I’m addicted to all things skinny: my skinny vanilla lattes at Starbucks, coming home from the gym and checking myself out in the mirror because I feel skinner (you do it too don’t lie!), and especially my skinny leg pants and jeans. Never has a style stood the test of time then the skinny leg bottom, but once in a while it’s always fun to change up our normal fashion routine.

Introducing – the WIDE leg trouser. Please note that a wide leg is different than a flare leg trouser. Flare leg pants are tight on the thigh and then, you guessed it, flare past the knee. WLT’s are loose all the way from the hip down to the floor. I am in lo-lo-l-o-v-e with this new large and in-charge style for the upcoming season. WLT’s can be structured and professional or flowing and fun – but always look super chic.

If you are ready to rock the WLT, there are two rules that must followed: Rule #1 length! These trousers should be at most ½ to 1 inches from the floor, with heels on – so find yourself a good tailor so you don’t get made fun of (by girls like me) for wearing high-water pants. Rule #2: heels! WLT’s can already make you look a bit stumpy (unless you are a 6 foot tall model) so always give yourself some height. Be it a simple wedge or a sexy heel – make sure you are making up for what the WLT takes away vertically with its wider silhouette.

WLT are perfect for work and even the weekend – here is how you can rock totally different looks with this one awesome trend!

WORKING GIRL WIDE LEG: Wide leg trousers at the office are the essence of elegance and class. Pair this high-waisted style with a colorful tie neck blouse (tucked in!) and a sophisticated sort of hippie chic comes into play. Simple black heels (can you believe these Coach shoes are only $99!) and an oversized watch and you’ll rule the office with your sharp style.

Anthropologie, $98

Kate Spade, $38

Spiegel, $32.99

Urban Outfitters, $28

Coach, $99

Banana Republic, $59.50


WEEKEND GIRL WIDE LEG: When the weekend rolls around the only word on my mind as I run around town is comfort. These flowing wide leg trousers from Topshop are perfectly paired with a peachy crop top and boyfriend cardigan. Add some functional heels (yes, heels on the weekend with WLT’s are a must) and a pop of color with your jewelry and you’re ready for a day of window shopping and brunching – the perfect weekend!

Modcloth, $34.99

Old Navy, $29.50

Topshop, $80

Max & Chloe, $17

Target, $19.99

Melie Bianco, $98

Are you excited for the upcoming season of wide leg trousers? Let me know if you are up for this big challenge today at the Poor Little IT Girl Facebook page today!

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  1. Jamie

    Love, love, love these pants! Quick question- do you know of any retailers that sell these long enough for the tall women out there? I’m 5’10” and all legs so with heels I need some for a tall freak!


    So true…these kind of pants always make me feel like I look pulled together, great call Cathy! PLIG becoming one of my fav new web-stops. :) xxhd

    1. cathyanderson

      I understand your worry, but as long as they are tailored to the proper length and you’ve got a rockin’ pair of heels on you’ll look amazing! I mean, I’m only 4’11 so you’ve already got a few inches on me…and i LOVE the Wide Leg Look. For us shorter gals, stay away from WLT’s that are too high wasted, otherwise your proportions will be off. Stick to mid rise pants, a great pair of heels, and some serious confidence and you’ll look amazing no matter what! xoxo PLIG

  3. Kathryn

    I totally bought those wedges a week or two ago!! I thought to myself, “Too early to buy summer wedges? Nahhhh.” Especially for $20! Those bright Max & Chloe earrings are such a great color too. I love all the outfits you’ve put together! WLT can be difficult to style & balance out, but you nailed it. Thanks for the inspiration! xo