She’s Always Buzzing Just Like Neon, Neon…


I’m obviously not the kind of girl who wears designer brands, but I always enjoy the fun trip over to after every NYFW showing for some inspiration – plus it’s a nice way to see what styles and trends will be hitting my local mall soon. And all I have it say is that Christian Siriano (yes, the Project Runway guy) is knocking my Aldo shoes OFF this season! All the neutral colors paired oh so perfectly with pops of bold and neon has my head spinning! While I’ve been buzzing away the past few weeks talking about how excited I am for fall and winter to be here, Mr. Siriano now has me wishing I could fast forward time just so I can rock these fresh shades this spring. Oh well, I suppose I’ll let myself embrace a little of the neutral/neon combo for fall…but hurry up spring!

1. Madewell Cardigan, $72
2. Asos Portfolio Clutch, $36.59
3. Asos Pendant Necklace, $18.30
4. Topshop Grey High Waisted Pants, $76
5. Topshop Chiffon Top, $70
6. Asos Collar Necklace, $27.44
7. Topshop Lace Dress, $100
8. Honeydew Lace Bralette, $32
9. N. Peal Cashmere Pashmina, $76.72

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  1. Callie

    Love Love!! Why can’t we just sneak in a little for fall? Be a little rebellious!

  2. Sarah {Raving Fashionista}

    What I wouldn’t do for that neon yellow maxi skirt.. *sigh* I was actually just eyeing up some bright fabrics the other day and trying to figure out how difficult it would be to attempt to create some maxi skirts in great colors like this since I can’t seem to stop drooling over every maxi I see lately. I may need an intervention soon!

  3. Carol

    I am a little late on this post but I am loving this trend!!! It’s perfect for us Florida people, who want to wear “fall” clothes but live in such a tropical climate!! Right on!