She’s Got A Ticket To Ride…


It’s been a funky week. With work (this PLIG is rocking three jobs currently), serious boy problems (is it too much to ask for a guy to just apologize and bring flowers anymore?!), and managing to have a social life – I’m at my wits end.

Whenever I find myself in a sour state, I turn to two things: 1) music and 2) shopping. With The Beatles humming through my headphones, I found myself roaming through the mall (alone, I always shop alone) to find something to lift my mood. Perhaps I was inspired by the 60’s and 70’s tunes that were the soundtrack to my shopping day – but I purchased the most amazing mid-length denim skirt (almost identical to this one from Madewell) and my smile instantly returned! Something about a long denim skirt brings out my hippie side, and I couldn’t help but keep in theme when planning my outfit for the next day.

1. Delia’s BEATLES Tee, $24.50
2. Asos Straw Fedora Hat, $34.48
3. Forever 21 Bracelet, $6.80
4. Madewell Denim Wrap Skirt, $98
5. Aldo Zebra Print Wedges, $80
6. Nicole by OPI “OMB!” Nail Lacquer, $8
7. Topshop Croc Clutch, $90
8. Modcloth Owl Ring, $11.99

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  1. CC

    Ok, so help me out. I notice there are a lot of big wedge sandals out this summer with the rattan or whatever you call it on the sides. Are those back in? Weren’t they out for a while? They kind of remind me of those huge chunky Spice Girl shoes we were all wearing back in the day. Goodness knows I love me some wedges (extra height without the discomfort), but I’m a bit hesitant to drop $80 on a pair of sandals that will be in for 2 months.