Sittin’ Around Watching The Rainfall, I Don’t Know How It Could Rain So Long…


I’m seriously sick of all this dang rain. For the past few days, Atlanta has seen nothing but cloudy skies and all this thunder is causing some serious insomnia. Worst of all, it’s so hard to actually dress cute when the weather sucks. I’ve found that my trench coat is my “can’t live without” item when it comes to these drizzling days. Paired with a printed dress (how adorable are those cut out sleeves!) and rain-proof flats (my short legs can’t do those tall rain boots) and I’m set to take on the day!

1. Topshop Dress, $80 | 2.  ASOS Sunnies, $19.88 | 3. Target Trench, $49.99
4. Bass Flats, $82.99 |  5. Warehouse Shopper, $59.65
6. Modcloth Umbrella, $17.99

(Post Title: “Airplane” by Widespread Panic)

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