Tips for Managing And Scheduling Your Blogs Social Media Platforms


As y’all know, I started my blog way back in the day during the summer of 2010. At that time I don’t know if people even used the terms “social media” or “digital influencer” yet. My guess, probably not. Instagram didn’t even launch till 4 months after Poor Little It Girl began, and Twitter was another social media platform I didn’t join/learn about till after I started blogging. If that tells you anything it’s that six years ago blogging was really just that, a blog. I owned a little space on the internet and I hoped people came by to visit it. There wasn’t much promotion for my blog besides my personal Facebook page. Which, thanks to FB memories I realize how annoying I was trying to get the word out about my site. (woof!)

With that, I really had to learn how to navigate all these social media channels on my own. Trial and error and a lot of Google’ing was all us old-school bloggers had at the time. Honestly, I feel like girls that start blogs nowadays have it SO much easier than we did. There are tons of amazing resources (like The Blog Societies) to help figure out what works and what doesn’t.

So today, in another installment of my How To Be A Better Blogger series, I thought I’d share with you what I do to manage the social media scheduling for Poor Little It Girl. With my busy travel schedule and wanting to have my business organized, scheduling has been a game changer in the industry. Please note, that I am no expert on any of this. My main goal for all of my social media is to get people back to my website. I want people to recognize my blog name as an authority in affordable and petite styling and shopping. I do not want to be only “famous” on social media, my blog has been and will continue to be my main focus.


I still remember signing up for Facebook in college. It was 2006 and FB was still in it’s infancy. Fast forward 10 years and it is now a part of almost everyones daily life. I first started using Facebook to promote my blog through my personal wall, as I mentioned before. Now, I only promote my site through my business page. (My friends are probably thankful I’m not pushing it every day on my personal wall, ha!)

Based off months, if not years of tracking when I gain the most eyeballs on my posts, I’ve come up with a schedule for my FB posts. I post six times a day on my wall: 3AM, 7AM, 11AM, 3PM, 7PM, and 11PM – alternating between featuring current posts and linking back to older content from my blog. I find scheduling directly on my FB wall with their tool is the easiest. The point of this is that I always want people to make sure they are seeing content on my wall. And given the Facebook algorithm that makes your posts harder to be seen by people who follow your page, posting consistent and engaging content is what gets people to like/comment and most importantly, head back to your blog!


I’ve got to admit, Twitter is by far my favorite social media platform. I love engaging with my followers with 140 characters, and live Tweeting any major television event is way too much fun. But when it comes to sharing my PLIG content, I utilize HootSuite to help me stay on top of things. I have a specific timing schedule I follow that includes ten posting times I stick to daily. I alternate between tweeting about current/older PLIG posts, and then also share favorite online shopping finds I want to share with my followers. This is a great way to break up content, plus it gets my affiliate links out there for my followers to shop. In addition to what I have scheduled, I’ll randomly Tweet out daily thoughts, funny jokes or whatever is on my mind to keep things fresh.

Tips for Managing And Scheduling Your Social Media Platforms - Poor Little It Girl


While I know many bloggers now schedule out their Instagram posts (I think you can do it on Hootsuite), I still do that all manually. I do have times that work best for my brand, but I don’t always follow it. People say before work, lunch time, and at night are some of the best times to post. This is when your Instagram pictures are expected to get the most eyeballs. I try to adhere to those guidelines, but I don’t want to make my Instagram SO strategic it looks too methodical. Working on posting 2-3 times a day can be a struggle, let’s be honest. At this point, I just try to do the best I can when I can.

I know some bloggers put all their eggs in the Instagram-basket and that makes me nervous. Many Instagram-famous bloggers push everything through that one platform to make their income. I always wonder what they’re going to do when it ends? Do they have a plan when Instagram becomes the new MySpace and dies?  Yes, Instagram, and all social media platforms are important. But ask yourself, what is your end goal? To sell only on and/or pay for fake followers/participation in loops? Or is it get people to your blog in an authentic, respectable manner through loyal followers and engaging content and all your platforms?


Ok, this one will be short since you can’t really schedule things on Snapchat. But I’ll be honest, I struggle with this platform the most. Do I even use it anymore? Do people prefer Instagram stories (something I don’t use at all)? I just feel like no one wants to see me in my pajamas at my computer all day. And baby Jesus in heaven I never want to turn into the blogger that Snaps the same “music playing while scrolling through my latest blog post” Snap’er or making a cup of coffee every. single. day. I don’t know, maybe one day it’ll feel more intuitive. But for now, maybe I’m just too old to care about this platform so much right now.  I’m working on it though, I promise!

Moral of the story: I like to utilize a few techniques to help me maintain my platforms, and my sanity. But clearly I still have so much to learn (especially with Instagram and Snapchat!) so if you’re a blogger and have tips on how you maintain your own social media platforms leave me a comment below!

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  1. Caroline

    I will never ever ever use snapchat for my blog- unless I’m at some cool event or out with my blogger friends. I honestly mostly snap puppies + concerts and when I set up my snapchat I used my sorority nickname which has nothing to do with my blog. Do you ever use Hootsuite for facebook? That’s typically what I do.
    x0x0 Caroline

  2. Katie

    I agree on your tips about Instagram. Having everything so scheduled makes it seem unrealistic and a little fake. I try to think about how my feed will look, but creating those images can be hard!

  3. Madeline // Style Me Thrifty

    Ahh social media. I go back and forth between feeling like it’s a great way to connect and feeling like it’s a necessary evil! Thanks for the tips. Here’s a question: I’ve noticed most of your Instagram pics are photos you’ve taken for your blog, rather than “in the moment” type of shots. Any guidance on that? Curious if you’ve found blog photos perform better than less styled pics. Thanks!

    1. Cathy Anderson Post author

      My mentality has always been that the people who follow me on Instagram don’t always go to my blog. I mean, how many bloggers do I follow that I’ve never once been to their site: a LOT! So I don’t think of it as over saturating them with the same look b/c really…most of them have never even seen it! xoxo Cathy

  4. Sara

    “No one wants to see me in my pajamas at my computer all day.” I have the same feeling!! I love the idea of a “behind the scenes” type vibe on Snapchat, but I have a food blog. The behind the scenes are me doing dishes and photo editng. Plus it’s hard to even get people over to Snapchat. I’m trying to do more with Instagram stories, so I don’t feel like a total slacker haha. Thanks for sharing your know-how. Loving this series!

  5. Amy

    I may be stubborn, but I haven’t been a huge fan of Instagram stories since it launched. I follow so many people on Instagram that it’s hard for me to keep up with all of their posts and their stories. And I don’t know if it’s just me, but Instagram stories load so slowly for me that I get impatient and just don’t watch them.

    As a PLIG fan, I look forward to your snap stories! I only follow a handful of bloggers, but you are the one I relate to the most! It’s nice getting to see all these bloggers and their lush vacations and shopping sprees, but I genuinely appreciate your relatability. I love the pajama and TV show snaps while you cook Hamburger Helper!!

    1. Cathy Anderson Post author

      I agree, not a huge fan either. And I think they take forever to load too!! And thank you for following me on Snap! Sorry I’m not doing more…I just live a lame life most days, hahaha! And yes, Hamburger Helper is my LIFE! xoxo Cathy

    1. Cathy Anderson Post author

      Hahaha! I just don’t have the mindset to plan all that stuff out so far in advance so I’d rather do it by hand. With so many bloggers scheduling everything out I at least want to keep one thing a little bit more hands on! LOL xoxo Cathy

  6. Kelly

    That’s so interesting that you heavily use Facebook. It’s the social platform that I click with the least, yet somehow the few posts a week I do make are translating into traffic. Perhaps I should post more? Maybe some posts that are life-y and not just links? Oy.

    Snapchat I’ve basically retired. They change the format constantly, which drives me insane. Also, after fashion month…I’ve transitioned to basically only watching Insta-stories. That’s where the people I’m interested are, I guess.

    xoxo – Kelly

    1. Cathy Anderson Post author

      Yes I think FB is an under-utilized resource for sure! I don’t typically post shopping links, but always do links back to posts on my blog! xoxo Cathy

  7. Jackie

    This is such a great post! Scheduling posts is so incredibly helpful, and I’m just starting to dive into that a bit more.

    I didn’t realize you used Facebook so much, but I guess that’s why your posts pop up on my feed. I find that Facebook is SO hard to build up. Is your growth all organic?

    I’m also curious, what scheduling tools do you use for Pinterest? I’ve been scheduling pins for the last two-ish months and it’s since become my biggest source of traffic. I see you pin a lot too!

    Something About That

    1. Cathy Anderson Post author

      I occasionally will promote a post I do (like, put $10 behind it if I want to make sure it’s seem more…like a sponsored post) but that’s about it. All organic otherwise. I’ve just been a big advocate of using FB since the beginning. For Pinterest, I currently use BoardBooster and Ahalogy but hear Tailwind (or something like that) is great and I’m thinking of transitioning to that in the future! xoxo Cathy

  8. Aoife

    This is such a helpful post! is great for Instagram scheduling. And maybe it’s just me, but I like seeing bloggers in their jammies at the computer all day, it makes me feel like we’re friends! :)

  9. Masha

    Thank you for this post! I have only recently started a blog and this is incredibly helpful as I start promoting content. I look forward to more insight on blogging!

  10. Alexis Mendoza

    Love this post! Scheduling on social is really helpful and can help reach out to more people – although I left Snapchat because they just keep on changing things up. For scheduling, I use Socialdraft which basically covers scheduling for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, saves me time to do other important things.

  11. Anonymous

    I appreciate your honesty here. I just can’t follow bloggers on social media, because the number of posts are out of control. 6 times a day on Facebook alone? Yikes!

  12. Casey

    How do you think this has changed since the introduction of Instagram Stories and the built-in Instagram analytics? I also use the Hootsuite app to schedule Twitter posts, and love it most during election season.

    1. Cathy Anderson Post author

      Oh gosh, I feel like Instagram is just so hard to determine what works and what doesn’t anymore…it’s all a guessing game! xoxo Cathy

  13. Alicia Chew

    I love these tips so much! I’ve found that Snapchat has helped me a lot because it makes me a “real” person — not so much for pushing my blog content out, but it just makes me seem a little more down to earth!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

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  15. Maya

    I’m a bit late to the party, but very glad I started reading your posts. Your writing style is really up my street and so enjoyable to read, oh and I can’t forget informative! I’m only blogging because I love to write and ramble, but struggle with posts & social media & a full time job, so these tips about scheduling are spot on. Thanks ?

    Maya |

  16. Ellen

    This post is fantastic! I’m a beginning blogger, and scheduling my social media posts is still something I need to get a hang of. I appreciate reading how you utilize social media & post scheduling. Thanks for this post!

    Ellen –

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  18. Kate

    Wow, I am impressed with how often you post. After the Instagram algorithm changed, I started focusing more on my social media platforms outside of Instagram. However, I am clearly not utilizing Facebook and Twitter as often as I should be! I am definitely going to work on posting more often and on a regular basis.

    Kate |

  19. Chelsea

    snapchat i feel is more for personal reasons, with friends and family than it is for my brand! i definitely prefer instagram stories for that type of stuff. Love the sweater, where is it from?!