Southern Blog Society Conference!

Poor Little It Girl - Southern Blog Society ConferenceMyself and Jessica (My Style Vita) at last years conference.

It’s hard to believe that myself and Jessica are about to start our SECOND Southern Blog Society Conference! Last summer, we held our first event with 15 of the top bloggers in the southeast that were part of our community and now, one year later, we’re welcoming 50 of the southeast’s best to come to Atlanta this weekend and learn more about the business of blogging with events,  great speakers and more! For what started as a small conversation between me and Jessica two years ago about how we were wishing there was a blogging community focused in the south, to then creating one and seeing it blossom into a huge success, I really am so blessed that Southern Blog Society has quickly become just as important (and time consuming!) as Poor Little It Girl! Be sure to follow Poor Little It Girl and Southern Blog Society all weekend on Twitter to see all the fun and, if your’e a blogger in the southeast (or anywhere in the country!) find out how you can become part of this amazing community!

Take a look at 2013’s Southern Blog Society Conference here!

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  1. Megan // F Yeah!

    I can’t even imagine the work that has gone in to planning such a massive event. Hope it goes off without a hitch!

  2. Lindsay

    This sounds SO FUN! The blogging community is so strong and supportive online, I would love to meet everyone and build friendships offline as well. Can’t wait for the Midwest Society to launch!

  3. Stephanie

    Following everyone’s instagram and twitter feeds over the weekend left me with such a sad, sad feeling of FOMO. Congratulations on an amazing job well done! The event looked to be absolutely fabulous and I am so devastated that I had to miss out. Write me on the list as the first application for next year!

    x S

  4. Clariza

    All the photos from all of the SBS ladies on instagram were so wonderful! The event looked like an absolute success and such a great time. Definitely need to get on signing up for SBS. Such a wonderful group of talented ladies with amazing blogs!